Air X Brand

Brand Design for Air X Product Line

Project Description: Air X is a brand new technology for hot tub therapy. This new product line required a total brand that had to be flexible enough to translate from the OEM level to retail stores to consumers. The complete brand strategy includes graphics, videos, print collateral and presentations.


  • Industry unique concept of a brand tied to hot tub technology
  • Self-running presentations designed for no-training/no-prep presenting by OEMs
  • Development of new terminology and concepts to both explain and retain the unique nature of Air X
  • Trademark brand name and brand terminology

Product Catalogs

CMP Product Catalog Design

Project Description: All CMP Product catalogs were years past due for a serious redesign. Every division catalog was redesigned from top to bottom included new product photography, copywriting, reorganization, improved technical information and all new page layouts. In addition, the entire InDesign file was recreated with styles, indexing, cross references and color themes.


  • Interdepartmental project coordination between Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Engineering
  • Huge amounts of photography and design required
  • Brand development and organization within the larger corporate brand structure
  • Tight organization required to distill large amounts of information on a single page in a way that is easy to understand and helpful.